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The digital market has expanded in the last decade, looking to cover niches and audiences that haven’t been in the spotlight. This is the case for the Hispanic audience in the US, being this a growing audience. This group of people is different today than it was before, and for digital marketers, it’s crucial to understand how people in the Hispanic community behave and consume products. 

How to tailor a message that connects successfully with the Hispanic community? Where to point the marketing strategy to reach this goal? How do Hispanic consumers choose products and services today? All of these questions are key to creating a successful Hispanic digital marketing strategy to conquer this market. 

Why do Digital Marketing for the Hispanic Audience?

There are many reasons why brands in the US should be pointing to the Hispanic market. One reason is that there are more than 35 million Spanish speakers in use and growing. Hispanics comprise about 16% of the US population. If you’re not directing to the Latin community, you’re missing a business opportunity. 

Decades before Hispanics, like some other ethnic groups, were perceived as low purchasing power people. That has changed, and today Hispanic customers represent the fastest-growing buying power in the United States. This means that Latinos have higher chances and resources to buy new services and products. Making Hispanic digital marketing the main need to succeed in the market.

Another factor is that Hispanics are younger than the average American population. Statistics claimed that most Latinos in the US is 45 years or younger. This positions Hispanics as a top priority for digital marketing agencies. Young people are the major consumers of digital media and tech products. Redirecting the strategy to Hispanics will get you closer to younger generations. 

In comparison to non-Hispanics in the United States, Hispanic-Americans are more phone friendly than their counterparts. They send more texts, spend more time on social media, and stream more videos. Here, companies have an opportunity to reach out to them through advertising on multi-channeled social media and videos.

And as we mentioned, Hispanics spend more time on social media. This makes them the best social media promoters. They have higher chances to follow their favorite brand on social media and purchase new products. 

Tips To Reach To The Hispanic Digital Marketing 

There are some tips you should follow to launch a successful Hispanic digital marketing strategy.


When talking to non-average American people, language must be a priority. In the case of Hispanics, culture and tradition are very important things to them. And as language is part of the culture, brands should consider this when building their marketing strategy. 

However, experienced marketers divide Hispanics into three groups: dominantly Spanish, bilingual, and dominantly English. 

Dominantly Spanish

People under this category are the first generation of Hispanic immigrants. These are mostly Spanish-speaking groups of people They usually have about 7 years of living in the US. To target this group, all content should be in Spanish. This way they will pay attention to your brand. 


Hispanics in this category, speak both English and Spanish and consume media content in both languages. They feel more identified with American culture than the dominant Spanish group, but they feel equally connected to the Hispanic culture. 

To approach this group, mixing Spanish and English is the best way to do it. Try to connect ideas in Spanish while keeping English as the main language 

Dominantly English 

These people consume most of their content in English. They usually are the third generation of immigrants, they were born in the US. Nevertheless, they feel proud and connected to their Hispanic heritage. 

They consume content mostly in English, and ads like “American dream” will catch their attention. 

Focus On Culture Above Language 

Language is essential but culture should not be left behind. When launching a marketing campaign adding elements that refer to Hispanic culture makes it more attractive to this audience. Showcasing their music, food, and traditions will catch their eye. 

Most Hispanics and Latinos feel proud of their heritage. Keep this in mind when designing a Hispanic digital marketing strategy. 

Use The Right Platform 

Hispanic adults are more active on social media than non-Hispanic whites, representing 72%of the population. Also, Hispanics are more likely to share a post on social media than their white counterparts. 

This shows that social media it’s relevant to Hispanics’ lifestyles. Use social media platforms to connect with your Hispanic audience. 

Improve Your Business’ Hispanic Digital Marketing 

As we explained, the Hispanic audience is a big opportunity to expand your brand. You don’t need to know every single detail of Spanish culture. But adding references to their culture and talking to them in their language, will make a difference. 

However, it’s always necessary to count on the guidance of professionals in the niche. A Hispanic digital marketing agency will be the perfect fit if you want to conquer this market. Hispanic marketing agencies will provide you with what you need to engage with this audience.  That is the case of OUwebs, a digital marketing agency capable of taking your brand to the next level. 

Founded by Hispanics, we are experts in web development, web design, UX/UI, email marketing, social media, and more. We also offer multicultural marketing services for brands that want to achieve success. Visit our website to learn more about us, and how to target Hispanic consumers effectively.

Don’t miss the chance to get new customers and make your community grow with OUwebs.

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