Google My Business App

google my business app

Also known as Google My Business Profile, it is a free Google listing. On this platform, you can upload photos and precise information about your business. Such as the products you sell, services, and even your location. 

Google My Business is an effective way to increase your visibility. It helps improve your presence on Google page results. It also shows information about your business on other Google platforms. Such as Google shopping, Google search, and google maps. 

This Google service is only available for businesses that have contact with customers Businesses that have a physical location and that provide services where they have to meet their clients in other locations. Stores and restaurants are some of the businesses that can get the advantage of Google My Business. However, carers like consultants and plumbers can also make use of this free Google platform

For online business only, you will need to stay with other google tools. Such as Google Analytics, and Google Ads.

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To take the best out of the online platform, you must learn how they work, and Google My Business it’s no exception. This can be a very beneficial SEO and marketing tool for businesses that use it in their favor.  To get started you will only need a Gmail account. Sign up, and verify your business location. This will help you settle your online presence.  

The next step is to edit the essential information about your business. Remember to keep it updated to rank higher on search engine results. When looking for your business on Google search, you will see a mini dashboard that only you can visualize. This will also allow you to see the many views you got within a month. 

With this mini dashboard, you can access directly to key functions. Such as editing information about your business, promotions, creating posts to keep your customers updated, new products, and overall promotion of your business.

Reasons to Use Google My Business

Be Discovered in Google and Google Maps

No matter what your SEO goals are, Google is the ultimate search engine. Having a Google Business Profile account will help people to find your business easily when using Google search. If they look for products and services like yours, your business will show up at the top of the list. 

The listing of your Google My Business account shows searchers basic information about your business. Where and how to find it. It’s worth mentioning that a Google Business Profile improves your local ranking position on Google search. Particularly, a listing for a local business has more chances to appear when people look for nearby businesses when using Google Maps.

google my business app

Manage Your Business Online Information

Another advantage of Google My Business App is that it allows you to manage your business information. You can control and update aspects like working hours, location, and any other detail needed. 

It allows you to post updates. You can let your customers and prospects know what are your newest services, temporary promotions, or weekend availability. 

If you want to improve your local SEO, having a Google My Business account will give you the extra help you need. If you have updated your business information, it will help you rank higher in comparison with sites that have out-of-date details.

google my business app

Increase Your Credibility Through Reviews

To build credibility and trust, reviews are a great way to do it. Google My Business offers star rating and detailed reviews that allows customers to share their experiences with that brand. This helps prospects and future customers decide what products or services to buy. 

The good thing about the Google rating system is that it is a combination of both positive and negative reviews. These are even more trustworthy than a random recommendation website.

google my business app

OUwebs Google My Business Services

Google Business Profile offers several benefits for companies to expand their brand, promote their business, and improve their local SEO. But, this is not always an easy task when running a full business. That’s why OUwebs is here to serve you. We offer Google My Business management for businesses, companies, and startups. No matter your niche, we can help you grow, and help you build credibility and trust. 

OUwebs, you have challenges, we have solutions.

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