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Engage with your audience, customers, and leads with email campaigns.

email marketing agency
email marketing agency
email marketing agency

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the best strategy when it comes to effective ways to generate sales, brand awareness and engagement. Through newsletters, workflows, funnels and email marketing campaigns you will increase your conversion rates. If you want to get to know better your target audience. As a email marketing agency we help you test the waters before going full in. There are many ways you can use email campaigns to establish a sound strategy that boosts your business. 

Why email marketing?

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to get new customers. It allows you to connect with your audience in a personalized way, and increase your sales at the same time. Experts claim that mail marketing is more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined to increase your conversion rate.

Plus, why not take advantage of the place most people check out every day? Yes, their inbox. About 91% of adults in the US like to receive emails from companies they’re interested in. Like other platforms, email has evolved and now offers diverse tools to companies to reach more customers in an affordable way.

Benefits of Email Marketing

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Boost Sales

The way you boost your sales can vary when you use email marketing. Having a group of people interested in receiving information about what you’re selling, it gets easier to increase your income. 

Email marketing facilitates the way to reach people. By sending an email, you can get an immediate response from our leads, and you at least will settle a call to finish a sale.

Connect With Your Audience

One of the good things about emails is that most people use them and check them during the day. That’s why, when you use this channel to communicate with your target audience, it can give them a feeling that you keep them in mind. Simple but personalized engaging subjects can have a huge impact on the way your customers relate to your brand. 

The people who are on your subscriber’s list, have agreed to receive emails from you. So, it’s a high chance they will enjoy reading these notes, it will strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Get Immediate Results

With email marketing, you’re able to get immediate results. As most people check their email daily, it’s easier for your customer to respond right away to the email you sent. This is especially beneficial for small businesses, where every appointment, order, or sale has a huge impact on the brand. So, with email marketing, these small companies can get instant results. This way, they can check out how the current campaigns are performing, or if there’s something that you need to adjust. 

When running a small business, every sale, order, or appointment can have a significant impact. With email, you’re able to get the results you’re looking for right away and track how your different campaigns are performing.

OUwebs Email Marketing Agency

OUwebs is an innovative digital marketing agency. Our main goal is to help businesses to grow online, do their goals, and transcend the online world. One of the most requested services is email marketing agency. It’s a cost-effective marketing strategy that gets immediate results. That’s why more companies are getting interested in reaching and engaging their audience through emails. 

Here at OUwebs, we are specialized in all Avant-garde digital marketing strategies that will position your business where you want it to be. Our company is formed by a great team of professionals that work to provide you with the best service. 

If you’re ready to take your company to the next level, OUwebs is here to guide you on this journey. Our email marketing services will make your business grow at one click of distance. With several clients all over the US, you can check out our testimonials here.

Client Testimonials

"OUwebs was the perfect agency for my project. They were very accommodating with some delays on our end, and were able to adjust their availability to work within ours."
Murray Adams
"We are so very happy that we hired OUwebs for our project! They were great from start to finish. Always hitting deadlines and always keeping us informed on the progress they were making along the way. I would highly recommend OUwebs for any future projects"
Dickson Buchanan
Director of International Development - SchiffGold